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First purchase (subscription) of fund units

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In order to become an investor in a BT Asset Management investment fund you must initially purchase at least 1 unit of the fund. 

Before the initial purchase of fund units, the subscription form must be filled in and signed at the BT Asset Management head office, Emil Racovita str. nr.22, Cluj-Napoca, or at any of Banca Transilvania's branches in the country, after which you can transfer the amount you wish to invest.

The fund units corresponding to the transferred amounts are allocated during the business day immediately following the operation, on which date the value of the fund unit for the operation date is also displayed.

Therefore, the number of units purchased is not specified on the Subscription Form or Payment Order.

There is no sales charge for BT Asset Management funds. All subscription operations to BT Asset Management funds are carried out from the bank accounts of the investment account holders, opened with Banca Transilvania. No bank transfer fee is charged. Subscription orders registered in the distribution network of Banca Transilvania are transmitted to the investment management company, BT Asset Management SAI, through the IT applications implemented between the two entities.

Subsequent purchases


Via Internet or Mobile Banking

You must be a Banca Transilvania customer and have the BT24 Internet or Mobile Banking service active.
Select from the menu Finance -> Investment funds.
Here you find the list of all BT Asset Management investment funds.

Login Neo / BT24


In any BT agency

In the case of subsequent subscriptions of fund units, made by bank transfer, including electronically, for investors who have given their signature when joining the fund and for subsequent subscriptions, it is NOT necessary to fill in and sign a form, the investors having the obligation to fill in the "Explanations" section of the payment order with the identification data (Investment account number opened with the Fund, name of the holder / authorized person, fund name) starting with the investment account number.

In case of failure to complete the payment order properly, BT Asset Management assumes no liability for any delays in the allocation of fund units. The issue price at which the subscription takes place is the price valid on the day on which the money is credited to the Fund's collecting account.

See the list of BT agencies


In any BT agency

This is the BT Direct Invest recurring payment service. This service can be activated at any BT branch. You can choose to invest in any of the funds managed by BT Asset Management. You can choose to invest monthly on any day from 2-28. On the set day, payment will be made from the following month.

You can choose any amount greater than 50 RON, and if you have currency the amount must be greater than 25 EUR/USD. That's all. You just have to make sure that at the time of payment the money is in your current account.

See the list of BT agencies

Funds available

Background name
Bank transfer account for the purchase of fund units
BT Fix
BT Euro Fix
BT Dolar Fix
BT Obligatiuni
BT Euro Obligatiuni
BT Clasic
BT Euro Clasic
BT Index Romania ROTX
BT Index Austria ATX
BT Maxim
BT Agro
BT Energy
BT Real Estate
BT Technology
BT Invest

Frequently asked questions about investment funds

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