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We invite you to update your details in relation to BT Asset Management SAI (BTAM).

If you are not able to go to a Banca Transilvania unit to directly update your data in relation to BTAM, because you are also a Banca Transilvania (BT) customer, we can follow the steps below together so that you can still have access to BTAM products:

1. Until 19.06.2021 at the latest, you can update your data as a Banca Transilvania customer by accessing the website section "Update your data online" or via the Ino chatbot, which you can contact from the BT website homepage.

2. We will retrieve from the BT records your updated information on identity and domicile, occupation, name of employer/ nature of own activity, source of funds, purpose and nature of business relationship and update it in the BTAM records. We are legally obliged to update this information, according to the legislation on money laundering and terrorist financing and we can retrieve it from Banca Transilvania.

Please note that your other data declared in relation to the bank will not be included in our records.

If you do not want the above data to be taken from Banca Transilvania, we expect you in the bank's units until 19.06.2021 at the latest to update your data directly with BTAM.

If you do not update your data either directly in relation to BTAM, and they are not recently updated in the bank's records, starting from 20.06.2021, we will be put in the situation to restrict your operations at the investment funds.

You can request further information on 021.9128.

Thank you!

BT Asset Management SAI


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Meanwhile, you can contact us on the phone, at: 0219128.

Thanks for your understanding.
BT Asset Management