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What is Direct Invest?

It can be your first step towards consistent savings. 😊 What's more, you have the option to choose where to invest your savings

Specifically, it's an automatic investment in a mutual fund that you choose yourself.

Direct Invest is a recurring investment product of Banca Transilvania.

You decide:

  • the day of the month on which the amount is to be transferred to the investment account
  • the amount, starting from 50 RON or 25 EUR/USD
  • the fund or funds chosen for the recurring investment

How do you activate the service?

First you need to visit us in a BT branch to open your investment accounts. At the same time, you also ask for activation of the scheduled payment. After that, everything is just a click away. You have access to funds from BT24 or NeoBT.

What do you need to know?

The investment is executed at the end of the day, after any other payment commitments you may have are honoured.

If you don't have money in your account at that time, nothing happens. No debt is created and no attempt will be made to re-invest on other days. Most clients choose payday as the execution time. 😉

This system does not debit your current account

You can stop, restart and modify the plan at any time.

What to invest in?

In instruments you understand and find interesting.

To remember: diversifying investments is one of the best strategies.

When to invest?

Ideally, all the time.

Why invest regularly?

  • It's simple and saves time
  • You can enjoy your investments anytime, but it's good to maintain a discipline of saving
  • When you invest regularly over longer periods of time, you can make purchases at different prices.

What else do you need to know?

  • You can invest in any of the funds managed by BT Asset Management
  • You can invest monthly, on any day from 2-28. Payment is made from the following month, on the day set
  • Minimum amount is 50 RON or 25 EUR/USD

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How do you disable it?

The recurring investment option can be deactivated exclusively at your request, at any BT branch, by completing a change form.

Direct Invest will be deactivated at the latest the next day.

But don't worry, it can be reactivated whenever you want, depending on your plans.

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