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Frequently Asked Questions

What documents do I receive from BT Asset Management SAI and when?

Annual portfolio sheet: At the beginning of each year BT Asset Management SAI will send the Portfolio Sheet for the previous fiscal year to the declared mailing address. This shows the profit/loss for transactions made during that year.

Observation: Transmission of portfolio slips will only be made to investors who have completed redemption transactions in that year. Portfolio sheets can also be downloaded from the Online Account page, a service offered free of charge to all our clients.

What documents must be completed by the taxpayer and where are they sent?

The tax payable is determined on the basis of the portfolio voucher received from BT Asset Mangement SAI SA. The annual net gain/loss is determined as the difference between the gains and losses recorded during the tax year in question.

On the basis of the Portfolio Card issued by the administrator, the Single Declaration form is completed, containing your identification data and the declaration of net gains/losses resulting from the investment activity.

By what date is the Single Tax Return form due and when is the final tax due?

Individuals must submit the declaration by 25 May of the year following the year in which the income/losses were realized. The payment of the related tax must also be made by the same date.

Is the taxation of residents in Romania different from that of non-residents?

Non-resident individuals earning capital gains in Romania are subject to the same tax treatment as Romanian residents. If non-resident citizens present at the time of redemption a tax residence certificate, then taxation will be carried out in accordance with the Double Taxation Avoidance Convention, with the tax payable in the country with the lowest tax rate (country of tax residence or Romania, as the case may be).

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