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How to buy/sell through Neo/BT24

Nothing could be simpler!

You have an active bank account with Banca Transilvania

You have BT24 Internet or Mobile Banking installed on your computer or phone

Select from menu: Finance → Investment funds (here you find the list of all investment funds in BT AM portfolio)

Purchase (subscription)

Choose the desired investment fund and enter the number of fund units you want to purchase (if you are investing for the first time in that fund, make sure you have signed the fund's subscription form in advance at the BT Asset Management office or at any Banca Transilvania branch).

Sale (redemption)

Choose the investment fund in which you hold units. Here you find information about the amount invested, the current value of the investment and the number of units held. Submit your sales order quickly and easily, in just a few steps. You will receive the money in your current account within 10 working days from the date of registration of the request.

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