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Open-ended investment fund (at least 75% of assets are represented by traded shares of companies related to the agricultural and food sector). The fund is actively managed1 but not actively managed against a benchmark2.

The Fund may invest in securities and money market instruments admitted to official listing on the New York Stock Exchange - NYSE and Nasdaq in the United States of America and the London Stock Exchange in the United Kingdom respectively, up to a maximum of 100% of its total assets.

The BT Agro Open-ended Investment Fund is registered under ASF Reg.No. CSC06FDIR/120111, ASF Authorization No. 73 / 13.06.2019, with ISIN code ROR9EOL3O1H9. Custodian: BRD - Groupe Societe Generale. The BT Agro Fund is registered with the US Internal Revenue Service (IRS) with FATCA status as a Sponsored Entity with Global Intermediary Identification Number (GIIN) 2UZSA2.00014.SF.642.

BT Agro is registered with LEI code: 254900D6V48C8FQRSJ89, an entity identification code, which is the basis of the global standard (ISO 17442) and uniquely and clearly identifies key information belonging to entities that are involved in financial transactions.

1 Active management means choosing financial instruments from an investment universe using our own selection criteria.

 2 Benchmark is a stock market index relevant to the investment universe from which financial instruments are selected.


Shares traded
Available on sight


It is suitable for dynamic investors, knowledgeable of the capital market (the objective of the fund is to increase the invested capital in order to obtain a return higher than the inflation rate)

The Synthetic Risk Indicator (SRI) is not a measure of the risk of loss of the amount invested, but is based on estimated statistical calculations of potential losses. The SRI indicator is calculated on the basis of the volatility of the fund. It does not fully capture the significant risks of the fund.


Minimum 5 years
High liquidity through diversified placements

Portfolio structure

Date 2023-09-28
Shares traded
Bank deposits
Available at sight
Other assets, including amounts in transit
State/municipal bonds
Corporate bonds


Buying commission
Redemption fee
Current fund management fee*
0.2% /month of average net assets under management

* This fee is taken into account when calculating the value of the fund unit. 

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Evolution chart
Evolution of the value of the fund unit

10.019 (the value of the fund unit is displayed to 3 decimal places)
Value of the fund unit



Unit value of net assets*
10.019 EUR
Last 30 days
Dated 31.12.2022
Last 365 days
Year 2022
Net asset value (EUR):
Number of investors:
Number of units in circulation:

* The unit fund value for the current day is published in the second half of the following working day.

Title value history

Net asset history


This is an advertising communication. Data is from BT Asset Management SAI.

Past performance of the fund is not a guarantee of future performance. Please read the prospectus and the essential investor information (EII) before investing in this fund! The issue prospectus and the essential investor information (EII) are available in Romanian on the website and can be obtained free of charge from any Banca Transilvania branch as well as from BT Asset Management SAI S.A.

A summary of investors' rights is available in Romanian on the website as well as at BT Asset Management SAI.

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